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Video Post Production Services in Malaysia

Moving Image has a team of experienced editors who offer quick turnaround on video post production services. Our full-time editors are here for you 24-hours a day, which makes them a cost-effective and time-efficient option.

We have produced a large number of edits for our clients for a variety of projects. Film genres and types include sizzle reels, social media content, edited footage shot by other producers around the world, video content for presentations and from events.

We make sure that all feedback is dealt with attention efficiently and clearly.
Moving Image editors utilize professional editing software Adobe Premiere, making our edits easily transferable between organisations.

What you can expect from us:

  • 24-hour Editing Service
  • Colour Grading & Correction
  • Extensive Sound Design Options
  • Additional Animation
  • Post-Production Manager
  • Easy Review Options
  • Extensive Experience

Please contact us:
email [email protected]
or call +6012 8811 985

Ready to Start Your Project?

Post Production Workflow

We provide each client with dedicated production manager that oversees the project from start to finish. This includes any and all post-production work, to ensure a quick turnaround.

By request we can also take care of sound design, music composition, visual effects, and sound mixing. This is an often overlooked, but very important aspect of post-production. Deploying our sound editing experience, we can drastically improve your video tenfold.

Another procedure that is often overlooked during video post production render is colour grading & correction. We listen to our clients feedback and make sure the colour of images in post-production is exact ‘look’ the client desires.